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Help us save 1000 lives in Ukraine

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

In Ukraine, the brutal Russian attack continues for the sixth month straight. Every day both Ukrainian civilians and soldiers die and the need for aid is as big, if not bigger, than it was in the beginning of the attack.

Sisu Ukraine ry is a non-profit organization who’s mission is to help the Ukrainians by sending aid to the worst hit areas. Our organization has received a fundraising permit (RA/2022/1052) from the National Police Board of Finland and we only operate through trustworthy channels and partners in order to secure that our aid safely arrives in the intended destination.

Together with our partner MedKit (part of the Pamark Group) we have set a target of raising 1000 pcs tourniquets and 50 pcs foldable stretchers. In crisis areas, high quality tourniquets are of great importance for the first aid of injured persons. The request for specifically high quality tourniquets and foldable stretchers has come directly from doctors we know and trust, who are operating in the crisis areas.

YOU CAN HELP! By joining our campaign and by buying one, or several, tourniquets (36€ pce) or foldable stretchers (200€ pce). Please use the links below to help us.

NOTE! The products will NOT be sent to the purchaser's address even if the purchase form requires you to fill out the address. The products will be gathered at the MedKit central warehouse and sent directly to Ukraine from there.

The first delivery of aid to Ukraine will be done by our board member Sergiy But personally at the end of August, and our target is to be able to deliver 1000 pcs of tourniquets and 50 pcs of foldable stretchers by the end of September.

Stay tuned for this blog for more information about how the campaign proceeds, and information about when the aid arrives in Ukraine!

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