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How we operate

Thanks to the wide network of professional contacts both in Finland and in Ukraine, Sisu Ukraine ry has the capability to channel material and aid in an organized and safe way, from purchasing the needed material and aid, to transporting it safely to the Ukrainian border. But also, to ensure that the aid reaches the defined recipient in Ukraine.The aid Sisu Ukraine is focusing on is partly humanitarian aid, partly defense equipment and material. Whether it is humanitarian aid or defense equipment, it is imperative that everything we do is done “by the book”, completely legally and as well organized as ever possible. 

Helping refugees re-locate in Finland

Since the beginning of war in Ukraine, Sisu Ukraine has helped more than a hundred refugees to evacuate from Ukraine and come to Finland. Acting together with both Ukrainian and Finnish volunteers (mainly from Åland, Turku and Kiuruvesi/Vieremä) we have helped to find new temporary homes for many families escaping from war stricken Ukraine.

Sending aid to Ukraine

Sisu Ukraine has also worked actively with coordinating and organizing sending materials and aid to Ukraine and bringing people back, helping with transportation, documents, temporary accommodation, schools,  etc.
We have also sent a lot of medical related materials to a hospital in the Ukrainian city of Chernigiv, which suffered a lot from bombing.

We're authorized to organize fund raisers.

Charity Concert

On April 10 2022, Sisu Ukraine arranged a charity concert together with local volunteers in Panelia, Finland to raise money for Ukraine. Even though the concert was arranged on very short notice, the concert gathered an audience of a couple of hundred and gave some valuable funds to be channeled for the cause.

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