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Any help is appreciated. However, our focus is on first receiving specific requests from our contacts in Ukraine, and only then start to gather the materials and aid specifically requested. In special cases, we may also be able to accept general materials and aid donations. For these sorts of donations, however, please first contact us before sending us anything.


As our main source of income, we offer companies the possibility to sponsor specific materials and aids sent to Ukraine. Please contact us to hear more about what sort of visibility we can offer you in return for your sponsorship.

Support memberships

For private persons wishing to support our cause, we offer the possibility to become a support member of Sisu Ukraine. The membership fee for support members is 2000 EUR per year.

Material donations

Once we receive concrete lists of materials, equipment or other aid needed in Ukraine, we release this information on our web page and in social media. If you have such material or can supply us with such material, please contact us asap to coordinate how to get the materials sent for transport to Ukraine.

How Can I Help?

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