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In early 2022, a group of friends in mid-Finland founded an organization to support a traditional way of fishing, which was widely used a century ago, but which has been slightly forgotten. The name of the organization given was Kuhven ry (Kuhven is a result of natural crossbreeding of kuha (pikeperch) & ahven (perch).

Once Russia attacked Ukraine on the 24th of February 2022, the friends quickly concluded that there was a more urgent need to help the Ukrainian people that to support local fishing traditions. Hence the purpose of the organization was changed from being an organization supporting fishing traditions to being an organization solely focusing on helping the people of Ukraine.

In early March, the organization received new board members to strengthen the team, and the name of the organization was changed to better reflect the mission of the organization to Sisu Ukraine ry. In early April, Sisu Ukraine participated in arranging a charity concert to support Ukraine in Panelia.

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