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Car Caravan to Ukraine

Russia’s 3-day-long ”Special Operation” in Ukraine has now been dragging on for over a year (or, actually, nine years). Civilian targets are constantly under attack while Russia’s war crimes continue to grow. This is something that we, as citizens of Finland, cannot accept.

Ukraine needs our help!

We know from our partner organization in Ukraine that the crisis regions in the country are in

desperate need of off-road cars, aggregates, and mobile power stations. Equipment which is readily available in Finland.

Now you can help Ukraine receive these crucial goods.

We are collecting funds to purchase and personally deliver 3 pickup cars filled with the needed equipment. Our target is to collect 50.000 EUR.

Our plan:

- With your support, we will collect ca. 50.000 EUR, which will be used to purchase 3 cars,

aggregates, and power stations

- The trip itself will be documented live in our WhatsApp group, which is open for anyone

who’s interested to join

- After the delivery, we will also report about the result both with photos and in writing

- The aim is for the caravan to leave Helsinki with the help of 6 chauffeurs March 25, 2023,

toward Lublin, Poland. In Lublin, our partner organization will meet our team, and the cars

and equipment will be handed over to them.

Our partner organization in Ukraine is the trustworthy non-profit organization “Initiative E+”:

This organization has already received over 200 vehicles, delivered over 8000 first-aid kits, and completed over 1000 aid projects in Ukraine since the start of the war in 2014.


You can donate any sum to the bank account of Sisu Ukraine ry: FI174 600 0011 2187 53

NB! Add the reference “CARAVAN

Receiver: Sisu Ukraine ry

This is an urgent matter! For us to make the purchases in time, we ask you to send in the donations as soon as possible, no later than March 8, 2023!

If this campaign brings in more money than planned for the purchase of vehicles and equipment, we will use the funds for our next Sisu Ukraine campaign.

If you’d like to get updates about how the project is advancing, please fill this form and we add you to our WhatsApp group:

Slava Ukraini!

Magnus Londen & Roope Roine & Sisu Ukraine ry /

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