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Support the Ukrainian people this winter in their fight for freedom

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

The Russian attack on Ukraine has been going on for over nine months and the Ukrainians are now faced with the harsh conditions of winter. The living conditions in the areas reconquered from the Russian invaders are extremely bad and many villages are still without electricity and heating. Due to constant bombing of vital infrastructure, the whole country is suffering from shortages in electricity, water, heating and communication.

As we know well here in Finland, good winter gear is crucial in order to be able to survive and function during winter conditions.

With this fundraising campaign we are gathering funds to buy quality winter gear developed in Finland, which will be sent to the hardest hit regions of Ukraine. The products selected to this campaign have been specifically requested by our contacts in the crisis regions and we will ensure that the gear will be delivered safely to our contacts.

You can donate any sum, large or small to the fundraising bank account of Sisu Ukraine ry below

FI17 4600 0011 2187 53

Please write in the message field: WINTER CAMPAIGN

The cost of one complete winter gear set is 350 EUR, but with already 20 EUR we can get a pair of proper winter gloves.


Equipment list

  • Anar Dalvi Winter boots

  • Anar Merinowool socks

  • Anar Muorra Merinowool base layer

  • Anar Uvja 750 down sleeping bag

  • Tegera winter gloves

  • Newstove light stove

Donate now to support the Ukrainian people and their tremendous display of SISU in their fight for freedom and right to exist as a nation.

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